Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two Weeks this Friday

It will be two weeks this Friday since Arturo was first sentenced. It's been really tough on all of us, but we are trying to keep strong for him. At first, he was considered to be a high risk criminal, but the staff has relocated him to another floor where he isn't labeled as that anymore. If they were able to see that he is not what others decided he was, then God is definitely on our side. How many times do you hear about awful people doing awful things? The first thing you think of is, "they come from a bad family" "they grew up in a hostile environment", this is expected and many times this is the case. But we assure you, it does not apply here.

Thank you to all of those who have viewed this blog. We haven't received any monetary support to help with appellate costs, but it is comforting to know people are reading his story.

We will be holding a huge garage sale this Saturday, October 6th. If you live in the Houston area, please stop by, we can reply our address if you send us an email.

If you cannot contribute monetarily, that's ok, maybe you can provide some words of encouragement or guide us to a better way of tackling this enormous problem we are now facing.

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