Friday, September 28, 2012

About this blog...

This blog was created out of the desperation of a family to help their, brother, nephew, cousin, and father. His name is Arturo, he was sentenced to serve time for a crime he was blamed of committing.

Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon to a family member.

You may say that we are biased, and possibly, we are, he's a member of our family and we have known him all of our lives. But this blog is being created so that you also let us know how you feel or what you think about his sentencing. We all know we don't live in a perfect world, and when you hold power over somebody's life and impact others' (such as his daughters'), there is no room for discrepancies or doubt.

About Arturo:

He is 34 years old from Houston, TX, has two daughters, owned an alarm installation company. He is the second of three children, two sisters. His mom passed away of cancer 6 years ago, his dad worked alongside him. He enjoyed life to the fullest, always helped when he could, especially monetarily because of his successful business. He has a cordial relationship with his first daughter's mother and up until the incident, he also had one with his second daughter's mother. Overall, he is the kind of guy that everyone liked. Funny, outgoing, the life of the party if you want to call it that.

One Night Two Years Ago:

He went over to his second daughter's mom's house late at night after work. There was alcohol and possibly an uncontrolled substance. He doesn't remember any confrontations or a shooting. But it happened. The mom was shot in the face, he took off running. Police found him, scared to death, uncontrollable and most likely under the influence. He had huge blisters on his feet from running on the street without shoes.

Missing information:

There was no toxicology report on Mom or Arturo done
The gun was never found
There was no gun powder test done on him
He thinks he saw a third party at Mom's house but not sure who it was, inclining to a male

Two Years Now:

Mom did not die, is not handicapped or paralyzed
Arturo is sentenced to serve 50 years in jail

Important factors:

Mom is a paralegal and is familiar with the court system and many who work in the field
The jury consisted of 10 women 2 men

What Do You Think?

How many cases have you heard of where a terrible crime was committed, death happened and the defender gets a few years in jail or just consueling because they had a "mental illness" or simply walk out on bail?

How many cases have you heard of where a terrible crime was committed, death did not happen, there was not enough evidence and the defender is sentenced to life? Here's one. It may not be "life", but 50 years is a pretty good chunk.

It is important to say that we are not disclosing everything we know or have heard of what happened in court. As his family, we are not saying he is guilty or he is not guilty.

Our mission is to get support from you so that we can appeal his sentence. It's going to take a lot of money and a lot of effort. We are counting on you, who may know of someone who has been wronged by the system or know someone who knows someone.

If you cannot contribute monetarily, that's ok, maybe you can provide some words of encouragement or guide us to a better way of tackling this enormous problem we are now facing.

You can write to
and donate by cliking here

Activists, Bloggers, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, and Brothers, will you please share this?

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